Look below for tips to get the best results with your iMARK Print Finishing Solutions system. If you have further questions, contact us at

Problem: The system isn’t fast enough.

Solution: Compared to large industrial die cutters, the iMARK machine is designed for relatively low production quantities. The system can cut hundreds of sheets per hour. However, it is known to be more productive than some of the automated machines, because the operator controls the speed rather than having to depend on a preset motor speed.

Problem: The iMARK system produces a quality cut with a slightly curled finished edge on every print.

Solution: Photographic paper curls very easily when cut and iMARK Dies are manufactured with the highest quality materials to produce the best results. Some professional photographic papers might be troublesome, if they have no fiber strength. If the curled edges are too pronounced, it might help to simply try a different brand of paper.

To make sure the edge curls toward the back of the print, cut images face down on the die. The raised edge is more pronounced when you cut multiple layers.

In some cases, it helps to laminate the printed sheets before cutting. Most laminate materials work well with the iMARK system, however, there are many types of lamination materials. If one type of material isn’t working well, try another type. iMARK has achieved beautiful results with the Xyron® lamination system.

Problem: The edges of my prints are white when I adhere them to magnetic sheets or mounting board and then cut them.

Solution: Make sure images are being cut “face down” on the die. In some cases, cutting thick material with the iMARK machine might result in a breakdown of the ink or dye on the edge of the print. This is simply a function of the paper. Either use a marker to add color to the edges of the prints, or cut images first and mount separately to eliminate this concern.

Problem: I want to return my iMARK system because it isn’t working for what I need.

Solution: We will do everything possible to find out what the problem is and answer your needs. The last thing we want to do is return the system because it doesn’t solve your needs. If there is no other option we will allow returns and issue credit for saleable items. iMARK allows returns within 30 days from receipt of order, however, a restocking fee will be charged after 10 days. We cannot offer refunds on custom dies.

Problem: When I adhere images to mounting board and then cut them, the middle doesn’t cut through.

Solution: iMARK manufacturers dies for cutting thicker materials with a softer ejection foam. Sometimes, when using detailed dies (such as the puzzle design) to cut mounting board, the blade might not cut all the way through in places. Try using thinner mounting board or cutting the image very slowly. Watch as you make the cut to make sure the blade cuts through completely. If it does not, simply roll backwards and cut the middle area more than once to ensure a complete cut.