Trademarks & Copyrights

What advantages do standard dies offer over custom dies?

Please help us maintain the strength of our trademarks! Below are style guidelines for use of the iMARK logo, as well as a list of official trademarked product names. If you have questions, or would like to use the iMARK logo in a manner other than those described here, please call to discuss: 888-GOiMARK (888-464-6275) or 509-586-3659.

Official Trademarks

iMARK® Print Finishing Solutions
iMARK® Dry Mount Accessory


The word “iMARK” is used both as a company name and as a trade name for iMARK products. At this time, we are using a ‘®’ symbol immediately after the “K” to state our registered trademark. Both the name “iMARK” and the logo graphics are protected.


Use ‘®’ symbol immediately after the “K” in “iMARK” in the first instance of usage on any given page—both in copy and in use of the graphic logo. It’s okay to use the symbol again if it appears prominently in a headline after the first usage.

Full name of product is “iMARK® Print Finishing Solutions.” Always use initial caps when full name is used.

In first instance on any piece, use the full product name. After that, it’s okay to use “iMARK die cutter” or “iMARK machine”.


To protect our company’s image, if you produce a stand-alone flier or another printed or digital piece solely promoting iMARK die cutter, please include the following copyright notice: ©2008 iMARK. (Use current year.)

Marketing Phrases

When you promote iMARK Print Finishing Solutions, the following phrases could be useful—they will be used throughout promotional material that comes from the home office.

* Affordable Die Cutting and Dry Mounting
* Total Workflow Control
* Affordable In-house Print Finishing
* Easy-to-use roller action
* High-quality, steel-rule dies
* 16-Up Wallet Cutter