Key Features

These features need to be emphasized in demonstration, as they are unshakable facts that prove the iMARK Die Cutter is a better solution than any other system anywhere near the price.


The iMARK system is incredibly easy to use. Little or no instruction is required to know how to use the die cutter and dies. Once you use the machine, you discover it really is as easy as it looks.


The multi-purpose carrier tray goes through the machine in both directions for maximum safety and efficiency, repeat cutting without handling the die inbetween cuts. Double-Format dies are recommended to maximize production.


Retractable registration pins in the dies keep paper in alignment for accuracy and you can always see the cut as it is being made. With sheet paper, no pre-trimming is required, leading to less waste and more rapid production.


The iMARK die cutter has a one-year warranty. After this time, repair parts are available from iMARK, or the machine can be shipped to iMARK for repair. High quality laminate composite steel-rule dies have a 90-day warranty and are designed to last for about 5,000 cuts or more with average use.

Maintenance Costs

There are two consumable items with the iMARK die cutter the cutting plastic and multi-purpose carrier tray. Replacement cost of the cutting plastic is relatively inexpensive, at pennies per wallet photo or business card. Three sheets of cutting plastic come with the system and we recommend the plastic be replaced every 100 cuts, 50 cuts per side. The tray should be replaced if the metal shows signs of stretching (generally caused by using single format dies one at a time).

Customer Service

Customer Service is of utmost importance to iMARK. Customers can call iMARK directly with questions, or to request additional information. We can be reached during business hours at our toll-free number 888-GOiMARK (888-464-6275) in the U.S. International customers, please call 509-586-3659. Contact us by e-mail at anytime,

Multiple Layers

Cutting one layer at a time is recommended, however, there is a tremendous variance in photographic paper composition, fiber content and elasticity. Cutting multiple layers with some papers sometimes produces acceptable results. Experiment with cutting multiple layers of your specific paper type to decide if the finished results are acceptable.

Custom Dies

Special custom templates and shapes are possible and very popular in the photography and printing industries. Send iMARK at least four sheets of printed images to obtain a quote on special dies.