Dry Mount System

It’s incredibly easy with iMARK.


1. Place iMARK dry mount kit (tray with base) on machine.

2. Inspect base for smooth clean surface. If necessary, clean base before using.

3. Lay mounting board on top of clean, dry base.

4. Carefully adhere print to mounting board, keeping most of image covered with release sheet, if possible. Start at one corner and slowly work across entire printed image.

5. Cover print completely with thin material, such as tissue paper, slightly larger than printed image.

6. Turn over mounted, covered print, and place image-side down on base. Cover reverse side completely with unused sheet of iMARK cutting plastic.

7. Push base/tray toward middle of die cutter, until it meets roller. Turn iMARK handle in direction you want the print to go through machine.

8. Remove print, then cover with protective plastic or other material to protect mounted image.

Hints & Tips:

  • Recommended mounting board: lo-tack, medium weight, 60-pt., self-adhesive.
  • If using thin board, adjust pressure by shimming plastic with clean, flat mylar or other material.
  • If using thick material such as foam board, it might not be necessary to cover mounting board with iMARK cutting plastic. Some materials are too thick for use with the iMARK machine.
  • To use non-adhesive mounting board, apply adhesive to material before use. iMARK recommends adhesive applied with a Xyron® machine, archival spray mount or double-sided adhesive sheets.
  • DO NOT spray or apply adhesive while mounting board is on top of base.
  • Always use spray adhesives safely in a well-ventilated area.
  • If a stronger bond is desired, roll the mounted image through the iMARK machine again in opposite direction.