The machine itself requires no maintenance. There are two consumable items with the iMARK Die Cutter—the cutting plastic and multi-purpose carrier tray. Replacement cost of the cutting plastic is relatively inexpensive, at pennies per wallet photo or business card. Three sheets of cutting plastic come with the system, and we recommend the plastic be replaced every 100 cuts, 50 cuts per side. The tray should be replaced if the metal shows signs of stretching (generally caused by using single format dies one at a time).


  • * Easier to use, no electricity required
  • * More versatile—interchangeable dies and accessories available
  • * Accessories: print mounting, specialty dies
  • * Cuts material other than paper (e.g., magnets, puzzles, etc.)
  • * Complete line of nick-cut designs available
  • * Considerably lower cost than automated systems
  • * More productive in less time
  • * Little or no maintenance
  • * Great for short runs or lower volume
  • * Double-Format dies for maximum production
  • * Single-Format dies available
  • * Offers cutting options besides straight lines
  • * Radius corners possible
  • * Custom dies available for business needs
  • * Retractable registration pins for precision cuts
  • * Cuts upward to ensure accuracy
  • * Downloadable Adobe® Photoshop® actions and Epson® Gemini® templates available in the Support section.
  • * Transparent die vinyls available


The iMARK Die Cutter allows control over every phase of workflow, through print finishing. It eliminates dependence on outside suppliers for critical delivery dates and provides a means of controlling turnaround time and order delivery for customers.


Customer Service is of utmost importance to iMARK. Customers can call iMARK directly with questions or to request additional information. We can be reached during business hours at our toll-free number 888-GOiMARK (888-464-6275) in the U.S., or with our international number 509-586-3659. Contact us by e-mail at anytime info@GOiMARK.com.


Always keep extra sheets of cutting plastic on hand. When using the second or third sheet, simply order a set of plastic sheets from your dealer or call iMARK directly. Cutting plastic is available in packages of three or 12 sheets.


Request iMARK literature

To request iMARK literature, simply e-mail your name and address to info@GOiMARK.com or call 888-GOiMARK (888-464-6275).

Please allow 7 to 10 days for shipping.


Standard dies are kept in inventory for immediate shipping, while custom dies usually ship in a few weeks after approval of layout. Standard dies cost less than custom dies.


iMARK recommends you oversize images or print with a bleed for results of the highest quality. It is best to plan on cutting 1/16″ inside the printed image’s border to accommodate the inconsistencies of printer output. If you need to cut exactly the same size image printed, iMARK can make you a die to do just that. However, the consistency of the printed image in relation to the edge of the paper is critical for accurate results.


iMARK dies designed to cut wallet photos are suitable for cutting most trader cards depending on the overall thickness. iMARK standard print dies for wallet photos have radius corners, but we offer dies with square corners as well.


iMARK offers nick-cut dies with tiny uncut links. These dies produce full sheets of connected images. There is a $25 extra charge for this service. Trader card and Fun pack dies are nick-cut.


A true kiss-cut cuts through the front layer of an image, but not through the back. It’s not possible to produce a true kiss-cut with the iMARK Die Cutter due to the amount of pressure exerted as the machine cuts. iMARK can create dies with nick-cuts to produce full sheets of connected images. There is no a $25 charge for this service.


Dry mounting is a permanent mounting process by which photographs, art, signage, graphics and other materials are adhered to rigid mounting materials. It is used when a flat image is desired. The mounting materials are usually a cardboard material or foam board. However, other types of board can be used, depending on how the mounted piece will be used. Simply order the Dry Mounting accessory.


iMARK discontinued the texturing accessory because it produced uneven texture, which we consider unacceptable for printed images. Texture systems are available at: * www.farwestphoto.com * www.merit-tex.com * www.midwestphotographic.com


Your iMARK Die Cutter has a one-year warranty. If you experience defects in materials or workmanship, contact iMARK Customer Service. This warranty does not cover multi-purpose plastic sheets, die trays or steel-rule dies. Plastic sheets and trays are consumable parts that need to be replaced periodically, depending on use. iMARK steel-rule dies are guaranteed for 90 days.