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Wallet Actions

Trader Card Actions

Portrait Actions
Business Card Actions
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Die Category Listing

Wallet Dies

Pi2X07001 Pi2X07002 Pi2X10001 Pi2X10006 Pi2X10009
Pi2X11001 Pi2X11002 Pi2X11003 Pi2X12001 Pi2X12002
Pi2X12003 Pi2XA4001 Pi2XA4002 Pi2XA4003 Pi2XGEM002

Trader Card Dies

Pi2X07005 Pi2X07007 Pi2X10011 Pi2X5401 Pi2X11014

Portrait Dies

Pi2X07003 Pi2X10003 Pi2X10004 Pi2XA4007 Pi2X10008
Pi2X11004 Pi2X11005 Pi2X11006 Pi2XA4008 Pi2X11007
Pi2X11010 Pi2X12004 Pi2X12005 Pi2XA4010 Pi2X12006
Pi2X12008 Pi2X12010 Pi2XA4004 Pi2XA4006 Pi2XA4005
Pi2X10010 Pi2X11008 Pi2X12007  

Business Card Dies

Pi2X07006 Pi2X10005 Pi2X10007 Pi2X11011 Pi2X11009
Pi2X11012 Pi2X12009 Pi2XA4009  

Specialty Dies

Pi10201 Pi10202C Pi11201C Pi21105 Pi11205
Pi11208C Pi14201C Pi14202 Pi11206C Pi21104
Pi25101 Pi25103  

Puzzle Dies

Pi10101 Pi11101 Pi15101 Pi14101 Pi15102

Fun Pack Dies

Pi21101 Pi21102 Pi21103  

These files are intended for advanced Photoshop® users. We encourage beginner- and novice-level users to seek more advanced education before attempting to use iMARK Actions. Technical support from iMARK is limited to specific use and does not include general software instruction, set up of operating systems or printer specifications. Technical questions directly related to iMARK Actions should be emailed to